Smile Analysis

Smile Analysis

Your smile affects your self-image, and can greatly influence the quality of your interactions with others.  Many people hold back from laughing or smiling because they are uncomfortable with their smile.  The following questions are designed to honestly appraise your smile.  Go to a mirror, smile as wide as you can, and ask yourself the following questions:

  Have you found yourself avoiding certain foods?      
  Do you experience pain in your jaw?      
  Has your appearance changed such as more wrinkles around your mouth, or your chin moving closer to your nose?      
  When you press on different points of your denture does it rock?      
  Do your dentures make your mouth sore?      
  Is there any discoloration of the pink denture acrylic or teeth?      
  Have cracks formed behind the teeth or in other areas of the denture?      
  Do you need to use poly grip to hold your dentures in?      
  Do you hold back now and again showing your true smile?      
  Are your dentures older than five years old?      
  Have you lost any teeth since the denture has been made?      
  Are your gums red, sore, puffy, bleeding or receded?      
  Does the appearance of your smile inhibit you from laughing or smiling?      
  Are you missing any teeth?      
  When being photographed, do you smile with your lips closed instead of flashing a full smile?      
  Are you self-conscious about your teeth or smile?      
  Would you like to change anything about the appearance of your teeth or smile?      
  Do any of your teeth appear too small, short, large or long?      
  Are your dentures loose with a lot of food collecting under them?      

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, there are often several alternatives to improve your teeth and smile. To receive a personalized response to your smile analysis, please complete the following form.

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