Immediate Dentures

When your plan involves getting extractions, you have an option to visit us and have your denture made prior to your extractions.  The procedure is similar to a Standard Complete Denture or Partial.  At the time of extractions, the denture is already there and inserted.  This guarantees that you will not be going without teeth.


After your extractions, there is usually swelling and the Denture will not fit correctly.  We will see you 24 hours after your extractions so we can adjust this temporary denture and get you feeling comfortable.  Tissue conditioners and/or soft lining for cushion may be added at this time at no additional cost.  During those six months of healing you may need to come in for adjustments.  No worries we will look after you!

Immediate Dentures aid in the healing and formation of the gums.  After six months of healing, the gum line will shrink and your denture will not fit.  This is when you will come in for a Reline at an additional cost.  Immediate dentures insure that your complete and final denture fits you the way it is supposed to.


  • Enables an individual to go back to work promptly.
  • Protects the tissues of your mouth by acting like a "Band-Aid" minimizing swelling and bleeding and promoting healing.
  • They make the transition from your natural teeth to denture(s) much easier.  Since at no time do you ever go without teeth.
  • The sooner you have the prosthesis inserted the more quickly you will adapt to the new denture(s) which will make speech and function easier to get used to, therefore; making you a successful denture wearer.