Partial Dentures

When you are missing only a couple of teeth and the rest of your teeth remaining are healthy, partial dentures are your best bet!  Partials can be made of cast (metal) or acrylic.  It is best to consult with us which will work for your lifestyle and budget.


Cast Partials

A metal framework that is light weight, strong and long lasting.  This denture hooks on to your teeth so that there is no slippage.


Acrylic Partials

Made from acrylic, this denture is usually a temporary solution.  Not as strong as a cast partial but will do the trick until something more permanent is planned.



Valplast Acrylic Partials

Valplast acrylic partials are a flexible denture.  They hug your gum line making your denture visibly hidden.  No one will ever know unless you tell them!